Sunday, March 14, 2010

Paint, Wallpaper and Borders

Would you like to paint your bedroom?  How about re-finish your kitchen cabinets?  We are a proud distributor of Olde Century Paints.  If you are looking for a particular color then let us know and we can see if we have it.  If we don’t then I am sure we can get it ordered for you.



Looking for a border for your bedroom?  How about some wallpaper?  We have several options available in the shop and we also have books to look through.  Feel free to browse through those and see if you can find what you are looking for.  Be sure to check out our switch plate covers as well.




Thanks, Vickie


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  1. Vicki, what a nice presentation of your wonderful shop. Lisa has done a great job and I am sure she enjoyed every minute!! How lucky she is to be so close to a great prim shop. We don't have many here in S.C. and I have to drive almost 2 hours to one of my favorites. She has a lot of the same prim you have in your shop. I absolutely love Family Heirloom bedding and throws and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a warm,cozy prim look. Also, you will do great with Black Crow candles....they are wonderful. I am enjoying Country Cupboard right now and it smells like prim-heaven in my home!!! Doesn't get any better than this!! LOL
    Have a wonderful week....wish I was closer.
    Prim friend, Sherrie