Monday, March 8, 2010

A little bit about the shop…

Have you been wondering how the shop came to be?   Let me share a little bit with all of you.  Well, I have always been in love with prims and did shows for years along with my career as a medical assistant.  My Mother and I were best friends especially  during the last five years of her life. She had degeneration of the cerebellum of the brain, which is a very sad disease, almost like MS. So most of my time was spent with her as much as possible.  My Mom knew how much I loved my prims and how I dreamt of some day having  my own shop.  Unfortunately, Mother went to be with the Lord in July 2003, but God gave me my shop just a few months later in October  2003!!  I know that was my Mother talking to the Lord and asking that the desires of my heart be given, Isn't God good!!!   So this is really God's store but He has given me the honor of working here for him, and what a great place to get to witness for him.

Psalm 37:4 -

Delight yourself in the LORD
       and he will give you the desires of your heart.

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  1. What a testimony you have!!..Yes, God does give us the desires of our hearts...I see that everyday with being cancer free and having another baby two weeks after I turned 40!!...God is so good!!!~~hugs,Jen